In 2017 the UK's average monthly rent sat at £917, the average property deposit £33,000, the average wage £27,000.  Paying rent and saving a deposit for a home is a long and hard task for many young couples.

If space is at a premium at your home, yet you need to move your children in, then a mobile RV home from UK Granny Annexes is for you.  These homes are affordable, available as long as you need and ready to live in no time.


First Time Buyers

Save Money & More


First and foremost, that deposit needs to come together.  With the average age for leaving being 25 (and 1 in 10 staying at home to the age of 40), having a place that costs a fraction of the average monthly rent is a great opportunity to save money, space and relationships!



Good for you, good for them and especially important for any extended period of time

More Room


Get your home back!  A young couple can take up a lot of space in your home.  How good would it be getting that back?

Personal Space


Good for you, good for them. Things get 'tight' in a space with no privacy, especially if "a couple of months" actually has no end in sight.

Life Experience


For those with no exposure to managing their own bills and budgets a mobile home offers valuable experience prior to reaching 'the real world'.

A Big Step Up


Paying rent and saving a deposit for a home is a long and hard task for many young couples.  In many instances parents will help by making space to move their children back home. Sometimes this isn't ideal or even possible.


UK Granny Annexes' temporary living solutions offer First Time Buyers personal space for as long as needed. Rent for the short term, or buy for the long term.

If purchasing, remember, we can re-site your unit to one of the UK's many holiday sites; you can then enjoy long breaks when your children have moved.

Trapped by high rent and high house prices?
Take a look at financing a mobile RV home.


There are numerous solutions to the problem of adding more living space to your home, but there are non faster than adding a UKGA mobile RV home to your garden!


Ours are fully fitted 'pop-up' homes, ready in days, available to buy or hire for periods from 3 months, require little to no preparation for short-term siting, do not require planning and take up very little space (check our picture gallery for examples).  They're a great option and simple choice for many...



Elderly Family Member

It's About Their Wellbeing


Research by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) with Legal & General discovered the main points of consideration for elderly parents were housing, health, in house support, care and well-being; influenced by the age of parents and their distance from family.


Respondents ranked the facts that constitute their parents’ well-being, with the highest being ‘safe at home’ closely followed by ‘well cared for’ and ‘healthy and active’.  At UK Granny Annexes we feel having elderly family at your home, in their own place, addresses many of the wellbeing concerns raised in the report.

You Are The First Call


In the same survey 76% of children were their parents first call in an emergency.  Having elderly family close is a comfort, and for some, essential. 

Feeling Good


A wonderful, new, fully fitted home with your family as neighbours; their to care for you if need arises, keeping you company... absolutely the best!



Retaining independence is important to all.  With a mobile RV home your loved one can be free to enjoy life as they wish.



With the average cost of residential care at £29,000 per year, financing a mobile RV home is considerably cheaper and has many advantages.

A Time to Enjoy

Having your parents close with the knowledge they are independent and safe will add immeasurably to your peace of mind and their quality of life; making this a time to enjoy.


“Avril we love it! Like we'd said, it was difficult choosing but we know we did the right thing. Very pleased - champion! 


—  Jack & Amy W., Lancashire


Bought a project property that needs work?  Our Fifth Wheels make a comfortable and convenient on-site home while that 'Grand Designs' dream comes together.

Contact us for a tour of our RV hire fleet so you can find the model ideal for your on-site accommodation needs.


A Place for Your Children to Grow



Pulling no punches, and getting straight to the point: teenage and twenty-something years can be tough on parents.  A healthy option for relationships may well be moving them into their own space.

Space for Rent


With only a 3 month minimum hire period at a rate that meets/beats the UK's average monthly rent by some measure, this is a cost effective way for your children to experience their own home.

Home Alone


While your children are out of your house, doing their thing in their own space, you can still keep tabs on them and ensure all is good.  Peace of mind for you and space for them.

Peace & Quiet


Let them enjoy their hobbies

and let your tranquility reign!



You'll find the extra living space of an mobile RV home is a lifelong convenience...


As temporary living space for couples and older children living with you; as your home while that 'Grand Design' comes together; as your personal UK/European holiday destination; as a place for parents to live when you need them to be close.

Contact UK Granny Annexes for a tour of our available units and talk about hire, purchase and finance.